If God Is Good


The single most difficult question for Christians to answer is: “Why would a loving and good God allow such suffering in this world?” Many Christians feel utterly incapable of responding to anyone who poses this question. Moreover, many Christians privately have their own personal struggles over this issue. Fortunately, Randy Acorn has written, If God is Good. As a pastor, I have read many books on this critical topic; however, I have found Alcorn’s work the most satisfying. Alcorn combines sound theology with relevant application. The book is filled with Scripture, interviews, illustrations, and critiques. Throughout it all, Alcorn is humble, gracious, and transparent. For the Christian who is seeking to be able to finish the statement, If God is Good. this book is a must read.

If God is Good is also a must read for skeptics, critics, and spiritual seekers. In brief and readable chapters, Alcorn addresses every relevant objection or question dealing with human suffering. For the individual who is seeking to disprove theism, Alcorn’s work must not be ignored. For the person who is genuinely searching out answers, Alcorn’s book will be a welcomed oasis of truth.

I have enjoyed soaking in If God is Good. This exceptional book has further transformed my mind and heart. While I’ve always shared Alcorn’s confidence in theism and sovereignty, as I read his book, I felt like I was studying these concepts for the first time. I strongly recommend this book as a perfect Christmas or graduation gift. I also highly recommend this book as a resource for high school and college students and small group Bible studies. I am confident that If God is Good will be one book that you will return to again and again.


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