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To write, to go to school, to return to my former type of work, or what?

For several weeks now, I have been contemplating what the next step in my life should be. My choices consist of going to college and actually finishing to get a Bachelor’s Degree, ( I already have all but 6 hours of my freshman year done!), to return to my former type of work, which was nursing as a Licensed Vocational Nurse, or just stay home and write, hoping and praying that I can start to get some articles or stories placed in newspapers or magazines who will agree to pay me for my work!

My dilemma is that I love to write, and I want to finish school. I have spent over 20 years working as a nurse and honestly, if I don’t get in just the right job, I wouldn’t be able to stick with it for long. Most of the time in nursing you have extended periods of standing, usually lifting, lots of bending over; all of these are things that really bother my back and put me in pain!

I don’t really want to go to work where I am in pain for the entire shift and then come home and stick myself to the heating pad! I would rather find a nursing job, if that is the way I decide to go, that is at least 75% computer or sitting in some way, and there just aren’t too many jobs like that out there. I have high hopes of something that is going on in our town which is an extension of a ministry I currently work with, East Texas Pregnancy Help Center. I just don’t know if it would pan out to be a paying job or not. I am at the point in my life that I need at least a part time job, with pay.

I want to finish school, but I’m not sure whether I want to major in Psychology and minor in communications, or major in communications and minor in psych or even English. I know with the psych or English degrees, I would be able to teach if I chose. The communications degree would give me some clout behind my name as I attempt to get my stories published. I love both subjects so I am really torn about this. I am leaning towards majoring in communications with a minor in Psych, if I can handle a minor as well!

The bottom line is the fact that I HAVE TO GET A JOB! At least on a part-time basis. I have to do something making my own money so I can stop feeling guilty when I ask my husband for money for gas or groceries, because I know that usually to do either one, we are having to push payment of one of our bills back. When I say we live from paycheck to paycheck, it really should be more like we live from paycheck to praying for a check!

Thing is, we went from a two person income a few years ago when I was really having some health problems, to a single income. Now this single income was sufficient to pay the bills and allow us to put food on the table as well as cover some of the unexpected things, like a flat tire or working on our well, etc. But now, since my husband was demoted last year, his pay was cut. Many people who know of the demotion, do not realize that his pay was cut as well. That has made for a very tough year for us! We are hoping that things are finally settling down and he will soon begin to get his pay at the same level that he was prior to the demotion. Don’t know if he is going to get his title back or not, but we will worry about that when it comes time. Right now our priority is to get his pay back to “normal.” This cut in pay is a huge part of the reason I am looking for a job.

I know that many of you are aware that I volunteer at our local pregnancy help center, and I love it! Ideally, I would be able to go to work there, even on a part-time basis, and at least making myself some pocket change as well as perhaps grocery money. I just don’t think that is going to happen. I love working there, but it has come time for me to find a paying job. Hopefully, I will find a job that will still allow me to volunteer at the center.

I really want to write. I love newswriting, in fact I won an award for newswriting in high school and qualified to participate in the state competition, but I let a boyfriend convince me to stay home that weekend, so I didn’t go to the competition. Looking back, I think “if only I had gone to that competition, maybe I would have won a scholarship!” But, I stayed home for the weekend instead.

I have already written one story for our local paper which also appeared on our regional paper, and yes, I have copies of both articles!! Talk about excited! I was so excited to see my name in print as the author of an article I almost could not contain myself. But, there was no pay involved in writing that article.

I have several ideas for additional articles, but I think it is only fair that if I am chasing these stories down, gathering the info, and then compiling a story, I should be getting paid! I know of some paid reporters that sit at their desks and try to think of things to write about, while they are on the payroll! It is strictly my opinion, but I believe if you are  being paid to write news stories, then you should be chasing down the good stories and writing them, and writing them well! But that doesn’t appear to happen much any more. It seems reporters would rather sit at their desk, maybe make a phone call or two and ask someone else to basically write the story for them, by sending the reporter all the facts and information regarding the subject and then the reporter takes the info received and creates a story out of it. I’m not saying that is a bad thing! I have done it myself. But you can’t do it that way all the time! Sometimes you have to get off your hindend and go chase a story down! I want the opportunity to do that! But not for free!

Am I wrong in wanting to be paid for my work? There are some things that I do for other people that most freelancers would charge heftily for, but I do it for free. Should I put a stop to the freebies and explain that I need to be paid to do this work? Or should I just leave the places that I so dearly love to enable me to find a job that will provide me with a paycheck? That just seems like a greedy way of looking at things, but it is really more of a survival thing. If I don’t start bringing in some money to our family finances soon, we are going to be seriously in pain!

Now, mind you, we have not hit the hottest summer months as of yet, but my electric bill already doubled last month!! I just don’t konw how we are going to pay these enormous electric bills, along with all the others, and have anything left for food! I know God will provide, but I also know that He does not expect us to just sit back and wait for Him to drop a fish in our lap!! I believe He expects us to work for the blessings He gives us. I don’t believe God created us to be people who just sit around and do nothing all day and just wait for God to pull us up out of our chairs, off the couch, or wherever, and send us to a job that he just dropped in our laps. I believe that He wants us out in the world working so that we can help others to see how He loves us and provides for us.

I am praying that God will grant me wisdom to make the right decision to stay or go at the center, to go to school, and where do I need to go to work at. If at a local paper, (there’s only one), do I continue to send them free stories to publish for free? My, and my husbands concern is that as long as I am giving them something for free, they are not going to offer to pay for it! But I do enjoy it so much!

In fact, I have an interview tomorrow (well today now) for a possible position as a sports statistics ‘reporter’ of sorts. If hired, I will gather stats on games and other activities and post them to a website for all the fans to have immediate access to their favorite teams progress.

Please pray for me to make the right decisions, in all areas. Do I continue to volunteer, which I so dearly love? Do I go ahead and start back to school for the f all semester? And how hard to I pursue my writing career? Do I write letters to the editors of a couple of local newspaper, as well as regionals, and pitch my writing ability for pay? Believe me, that is what I really want to do, but I know He is not going to just drop it on me. He expects me to get out and locate and apply for that position that is just right for me.

I just love to write, or can you tell? Have a wonderful day everyone!

!!I’ve been nominated!!

I’ve been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”! Thank you so much Terry 1954!!  If you haven’t already checked her out, go take a look at Terry’s blog. She speaks from the heart about every day parts of her life, which typically most of us can relate to in one way or another. It is partially because of Terry’s openness in her posts that I have opened up in some of mine.  

The “One Lovely Blog Award” Rules

1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.

2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.

3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.

4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.

5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you (See above).

The Questions:

1. What is your favorite colour?  Pink

2. What is your favorite animal? Definitely a dog person! I have a lab (who is actually my husbands dog) and my two girls, my doxies, Daisy and Sassy.

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Starbucks white chocolate mocha cappuccino, anytime, anywhere!

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? I’m a facebook person. I have too much to say to limit my posts to 140 characters!

5. What is your favorite pattern? My favorite pattern would be the puffiness/fluffiness of clouds in the sky. I love clouds.

6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? It is better to give than receive, but honestly….GIVE ME!! lol

7. What is your favorite number? This is a tough one for me! I think I would have to say 3. The number 3 is representative of many different things for me. First, the Holy trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; then would be the number in my household, my husband and myself, with the ever presence of God; we have 3 dogs; and my first daughter was born in 83 and my first grandson was born in 2003. Those last two I had not previously thought of. Lotto numbers maybe?? haha…yeah! 

8. What is your favorite day of the week? I love Sunday, going to church and worshipping, learning more about my Lord and Saviour, and then coming home to a good lunch and relaxation! Sunday is the day of rest, so enjoy your Sundays!

9. What is your favorite flower? Roses, always! I love gardenias, honeysuckle, sweet olive, anything with a nice sweet smell. Of course being from Texas, I think I would be excommunicated if I did not say the bluebonnet, which I do love by the way! I also love the beauty of dogwood blooms in the spring as well as azaleas. Honestly, pretty much any pretty, blooming flower, I love!

10. What’s your passion? I have several passions. First is my relationship with God, my Lord and Savior; next would be my family, without them, I would be nothing; next would be writing, scrapbooking, photography, shopping, good italian food, and good times with family and friends.

Now, I get to make some nominations for The One Lovely Blogger Award! hmmmm……

1. Ed Christian’s World – Ed always has a good message from God’s word. He is always encouraging and always offering prayer.

2.Post-Its and Sharpies – My dear friend Joani has a beautiful blog but an even more beautiful heart. This young lady loves God and it is very clear to anyone who meets her. She is a tremendous inspiration to me in many ways!

3. Badly  Drawn  Bible – Now what kind of person would I be if I did not nominate my pastor’s blog?? Honestly, he is such a blessing to all those he comes in contact with, whether in person, or online.

4.ValByDesign –  She’s a scrapbooker! ’nuff said!!

I sincerely hope that you will go check these blogs out. All of these people have hearts of gold and it is very evident in their postings. I promise you will receive a blessing and/or inspiration in some way as you read their words.


My daughter played golf, and I played in the mud!

English: Off road gas golf cart.

English: Off road gas golf cart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to be a writer! I have always wanted to be an author of some sort. I used to want to write romance novels but not anymore. Now, I just want to write something that people will enjoy without it being disgusting. I want to write something that can be helpful to others in some way. Maybe someone who has gone through similar things to what I have gone through. If I can write something that helps just one person, in some way, then it will all be worth it! Question is what do I write?

I have so many different subjects and plenty of material to write about, but do I want to make it all public? Some of it is pretty private stuff! I guess I could look at choosing a pseudonym or “pen-name”. We’ll see about that. But for now, you get this….

I could write about raising children in a world that is so frightening these days, a person doesn’t even want to go grocery shopping by themselves anymore. I could also write about raising three boys all diagnosed with ADHD, one also with ODD. I do have some good stories to tell about them!

Of course, I could skip ahead to my children’s teenage years and write about raising teenagers, who are almost as rebellious as I was. Didn’t have that much of a problem with my daughter, but those boys just about did me in!

Raising kids is really a lot of fun, especially when you and your husband enjoy sports and you get to share that with your children. My daughter played softball as a youngster and when she got into high school, she played golf. I thought she was going to be the female version of Tiger Woods! Don’t get me wrong, she was good! But she wasn’t Tiger Woods good. Still, I had many good times with her at the various tournaments. She played and was required to walk the course but I got to drive a golf cart!

Oh boy, me and the carts! Many times I choose to ignore the “stay on cart path” signs just so I could go and see where someone’s ball had landed for them. You see, with teenage girls, they don’t want to walk any more than they absolutely have to, and if the ground is even slightly damp, they walk even less! So, typically I would drive the cart over to where we last saw the ball or where we thought it had landed and begin the search. Once the ball was found, if it was found, I would then climb back in the cart and head back to the cart path I was not supposed to have strayed from in the first place!

On more than one occasion I failed to make it back to the cart path, at least without a lot of help! I even managed to get stuck a few times! Most of the time, I was able to get the cart back underway either with assistance from the players, or just pure luck, but there was once when nothing we did helped. I was stuck in mud and the girls refused to take a chance on any mud being slung on them, so I was on my own.

Fortunately for me, another adventurous parent happened along; someone else who didn’t care for the “stay on cart path” signs either. Together, with some pulling, pushing, lifting, laughing, and praying, we managed to get my cart back on stable ground! After that, I stayed on the cart path, at least for the rest of the day.

I never ‘fessed up to being the one who had damaged the fairway on that hole! Thankfully, the good Samaritan didn’t rat me out either! My daughter and her teammates had a good laugh at my expense though, and that made it worthwhile. How the coaches and everyone else did not notice the mud up the sides of my legs, I’ll never know!

Friends, photos, and fun stuff

FedEx finally  made it yesterday about 2PM and I was thrilled to say the least! I managed to actually sit down before ripping the package open, much like a kid on Christmas morning!

I took my new camera out of the box, put in the battery – praying that it had enough of a charge for me to at least turn my new toy on – and took my first picture, of my sleepy grandson on the couch!

Then my wonderful friend and I left to go enjoy an evening of fellowship, dinner, and shopping for supplies for my upcoming scrap class!!

After getting home late last night and not sleeping much, (I think I was just anxious to play with my new camera!), I was up and at ’em before dawn this morning so I had to wait for daylight!

As soon as I could get outside and see where I was stepping, I was out and snapping! Waiting for my dear hummingbirds come to the feeder, (I need to practice photographing that fast little buggers!), hoping my squirrels would come out to play, and just looking for anything worthy of a photo!

I’m so excited!

I am a scrapbooker. What is one thing that scrapbookers need to be able to create the beautiful pages they love so? PHOTOS!! What do you need to have good photos? A good camera!

Well, I have been using my sons point and shoot Nikon Coolpix camera for the past several years and have been eyeballing a couple of cameras that I thought I wanted. After discussion with the hubby, we decided to wait a bit and let me see which camera just really stuck with me. Kind of a window shopping escapade but without windows!!

After lots of thought and research, waiting for the right time (and hubby’s go-ahead) I finally decided on a camera, and it will be here tomorrow!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V 18.2 MP Digital Camera with 30x Optical Zoom and 3.0-inch LCD


  • Capture 18.2 MP ultra-high definition images
  • High speed AF improves focus speed
  • Get up close with 30x optical/60x Clear Image zoom
  • Full HD 1080/60p with dual record of stills and movies1
  • Active 3-Way stabilization improves video stability
  • GPS and Compass record shot location & direction
  • 3D still image and 3D Sweep Panorama mode3
  • Picture Effect for more expressive photos
  • Photo Creativity allows easy photo adjustments
  • Capture the decisive moment with up to 10fps
 I’m gonna be a picture takin’ fool!!!