Things about me you wish you had never known, and maybe a few you are happy to know.

I am a Christian mother of 4 grown children, a daughter and 3 sons. I am also a grandmother of 8, so far! My husband, Gerald, and I will celebrate 29 years of marriage at the end of November! Yes, that is a long time to spend with the same person, but you know what, every single day, even the bad ones, has been worth it!! Sure there are some things about our life that I would love to be able to change, but not the first thing about our relationship. We both love the Lord, each other, and our kids and grandkids. Why would I want to change any of that?

I enjoy a few hobbies, but the primary hobby of mine is scrapbooking. I have a passion for this. I have done several different ‘crafty’ type hobbies/projects over the years, but none has ever given me the satisfaction that a day of scrapbooking does. To be able to  sit and just put a photo on a piece of decorative paper, and keep trying ideas until I end up with a gorgeous page is so gratifying to me! I have never tried digital scrapping and I really don’t care to. I like to be able to touch and feel the various textures on my pages.

I do scrapbook for other people as well. I love the feeling of seeing the face of my client when they see their child on my creations, and I can almost see a tear or two in their eyes. Makes me tear up just thinking about it!! I love making other people happy.

My primary goal in life is to get closer to my Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, each and every day. I want to learn more and more about Him and His plan for me. I want to understand better what is expected of me. I want to share the love of Jesus with others. I could do an entire blog post just on that subject alone, and I will, one day!

I enjoy cooking, when my back allows me to. Thankfully, after having back surgery in August of 2011, my back is improving. I am no where near 100% yet, not even sure if I ever will be, but it won’t be for a lack of trying. Another entire blog post on this subject as well!!

I am a member of Peachtree Baptist Church in Jasper, Texas. I love my church family so very much!! Each and every one of them are very special to me, especially my Sunday school class, the YaYa girls!! Yes, that is our class name! I love it!!

I started this blog, after failing miserably with others, because I have this strong desire to write. What better way to do so, than on a blog that can be critiqued by any number of people world wide? I only hope my various loves show through my writing.

Well, that is just a few things about me. If you have a specific question, please ask! I will try to answer, within reason!

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