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Here it is!!

Well, here is my story in the local paper, as well the regional paper! I can’t express how excited I am about having my name under the title of  a story that I wrote! It is just the most incredible feeling and I am still just as giddy and happy about it as a teenager who just got asked to prom by her “dream date”!

I’m already working on another story an praying that it will get accepted to run in the paper as well. Hopefully, these stories will lead to my getting paid to write! That is my ultimate goal!! Wish me luck and all prayers are greatly appreciated! Thank you all as well, for the kind compliments. They mean so very much to me!


My Story

Writing has been something that I have always loved! I have dreamed of being a “star” reporter since I was very small. Now, I just dream of being able to write and have it published. I don’t care if I never get to be a “star” so long as  get to do what  love, which is write and have others enjoy reading my piece! I do hope though, that I will eventually earn a paid writing position, either with our local newspaper, regional paper, or even a magazine. Being able to write on a regular basis, and get paid for it would just be amazing and such a blessing!

I have been asking God for a while now, what it is that He wants me to do for His kingdom. I know there is something special that He has in mind for me, but figuring it out has been difficult. We all have special gifts that God has given us to use for His glory and honor. Many people have more than one gift! Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what the gift is and how God wants us to use it.

Well a couple of weeks ago, I really was not thinking anything about writing, or becoming a journalist, but one night as I lay in bed, trying to go to sleep, I realized the reason I was unable to sleep was because God was trying to speak to me. So, I crawled out of the bed and headed to the living room where I just started praying and asking God what it was that He wanted me to know. After a short period of time, I heard a very small, quiet voice telling me “tell the story” and “write”.  I wasn’t sure if I had heard that correctly or not, so I asked God if He was telling me to write and if so, what story was he referring to. I heard again, “write” and “you have to tell the story”. So, I decided that I better figure out what He wanted me to write about and what story He was referring to!

When I signed on to my computer and checked my facebook page, there was post by a very excited grandmother about her grandson winning the state bullriding title, and he lives right here in my hometown. I felt like God was leading me to write this story. So, I made contact with the grandmother and asked if she thought the young man might be interested in giving me an interview. I explained to her that I was brand new to this and that I would basically be practicing with him, and that I had no idea if it would even get published, but she agreed to chck with him. The next morning I received a phone call from the young man’s mother, and an interview was set up! At that moment, I knew this was the direction that God was leading me!

So, now I am searching for other stories, especially positive stories, that somehow relate to my home town. We have some very bad things going on in our town right now and I just feel like God is telling me to bring attention to the good and positive things of this community, and that by doing as He tells me, it could help in the healing and peacemaking process our community needs so badly.

This brings me to a very special request of all of you. I ask you to pray for our community as we go through some very difficult times and we begin the peace making process, may it be successful and the people of this community be closer than ever before, no matter what their differences may be. I also ask that you pray for me; that I am able to find the stories that need to be written, and then write them and get them published. Prayers that through my work/words, someone may decide that Jasper, TX is not such a bad place after all, and with a little work, it can once again be known as “The Jewel of the Forest“. We need forgiveness, peace, harmony, understanding, and tolerance so badly in this community. Please join me in prayer for my home of Jasper, Texas, as our leaders.


Daniel Fast….Round two

I am making preparations for round two of the Daniel Fast. This time, I have a wonderful friend joining me! I am so excited about it!! The best part of the DF is not the weight loss, which I am NOT complaining about!, but it is the spiritual growth! I feel closer to God every day because of my experience with my previous fast! I am spending more time reading God’s word, studying, praying. I want that to continue and to get better and better. I can feel my faith continually getting stronger and stronger!!
February 22 is the date we have set to start. That is the first day of Lent, and my goal is to make it the full 40 days on the Daniel Fast. I have no doubt that with God’s help, I will make it!! My friend is setting her initial goal at 21 days, and will see if she wants to continue on the remainder of the 40 as she gets close to the 21. I think making 21 is AWESOME!! And she is a very strong woman and I have no doubt that she will make it!!
I think I have lost maybe another pound since my 21st day, on Jan. 22. But that’s okay! At least at this point I haven’t gained!!
But more importantly, I have grown so much spiritually over the past month, I just can’t wait for more and more growth!! I feel like a child who just started school and is learning and LOVING it!! I am in about the 2nd grade at this point. I pray to have at least made it to Jr. High level by the end of my 40 days!!
I am so fortunate and blessed to have so many supporting me in this journey. I have support from my followers here, my family, my church family, and my special extended family at the East Texas Pregnancy Help Center.
Every time I walk into the center, I am blessed. Whether it is a super busy day, or not, I am blessed. As soon as I walk through the doors, there is no mistaking that God’s presence is there!!
The wonderful thing about volunteering there is the friends that I have made! The new ‘extended family’ relationships I have discovered! Everyone that works there in ANY capacity is such in inspiration and always ready to give encouragement! What better environment for someone who is eager to learn more about God and to continually grow spiritually? I can’t think of one.
Everything we do there hinges on our faith in what God has in store for us! We do everything through prayer and full trust in God. We have NO doubt that God is in full control and to see His plans coming together for good just blows me away every single day!!
If you have a chance to volunteer with an organization, such as ETPHC that is a Godly organization, which chooses to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and work and pray diligently for salvation and saved lives, please do so. If you don’t have an organization like that near you, or you are unable to volunteer for any reason, that’s okay! Prayer is ALWAYS appreciated!! You can also make financial donations if you choose. You can find the East Texas Pregnancy Center on facebook, or at http://www.etphc.org. Any and all assistance is so greatly appreciated!!
Another way you can help is through a donation for the purchase of Bibles for our clients. I currently have a fund raiser going at my church, Peachtree Baptist Church in Jasper, TX, throughout the month of February with a goal of raising enough to buy 100 Bibles. At approximately $5 per Bible, I need at least $500. If you would like to donate to that fundraiser, again, you can find Peachtree Baptist Church on facebook. Again, any donation or assistance is so GREATLY appreciated!! All money raised will be used specifically to purchase these Bibles for our clients.
If you would like to check out the Bibles that we are seeking, you can look up the “Beautiful Everyday Bible”. It is a Bible that is specifically geared toward young women who find themselves in a ‘crisis’ pregnancy, or unexpected pregnancy, who may be contemplating abortion. It is one of our goals to help them to see that there are other options rather than abortion. To help these young women to see, feel, experience the love of Jesus Christ through us, and prayerfully, to lead anyone who may be lost to salvation! Or, if they profess to be a saved Christian, we strive to lead them back to serving God as He asks us to do. It is my belief that by putting one of these Bibles in the hands of each client, we will be opening the door to do just that, lead them to Jesus for the first time, or to return to Jesus.
If you choose to help, THANK YOU!! If you can’t help for whatever reason, PRAYER helps as well!! Thank you all so much for the many prayers you have sent up for me and my family. I ask that you continue to do just that, but please add the ETPHC to your prayers as we work with these young ladies to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives.
God bless you all!