“The Storm Inside”, a book every woman should read

“The Storm Inside” is a book that every woman should read. Sheila Walsh takes the top 10 big issues all women face; anger, shame, and heartache for example; she breaks each down and reveals to the reader her interpretation of how God feels about those issues and then leads us to what His word says to guide us through each storm. This book does not condemn anyone for the storms they are dealing with. Rather, Walsh offers loving guidance and the chance of redeeming ourselves through God’s word. It truly does sooth the soul.
Throughout the pages of “The Storm Inside”, Walsh points the reader to the One who can calm any storm. She is truly gifted in her ability to relate to women and their day to day issues. Her down-to-earth explanation of each of the storms explored is understandable by all women, including those who are not Biblical scholars.
The book is based on God’s Word, which is where we all should look for guidance in all we do to help discover truths, which then will help us deal with our own storms.
“The greatest defense against the storm of lies that the enemy would use to drain every moment of joy from your life is to surround yourself with the truth of God’s Word,” Sheila Walsh, The Storm Inside.
This is a wonderful book that will show you how to survive or even thrive through the storms of life we all have to deal with from time to time. Sheila is so open and honest in showing the reader things that get all of us down and at times make it difficult to move on. Common storms such as fear, anger, shame, disappointment, are storms we all will realize at some point in our lives.
This book lifted my spirit, soothed my soul and warmed my heart. It is an excellent read that gives hope to someone that may be going through a difficult storm. I strongly recommend this book to all women, especially those who may be experiencing some form of trial or tribulation, a “storm”. I also suggest that you keep an extra copy of this book on your bookshelf as something you can offer to a friend or family member who may be going through a difficult time.


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