What goes on behind the scenes at the Olympics? Post by Josh Fults, Author of WALK GOOD, Ephesians 5:15 Blog. Go check out his blog. I think you will be impressed, inspired, intrigued.

Walk Good

Odds are good that at some point this weekend you tuned in with over 3 billion other people to watch the Olympic Games. The Olympics are inspiring to watch, as you witness records being broken and mankind pushing physical strength and agility to their limits. The world looks on in wonder at the accomplishments made and cheers for their country with pride.

Recently, reports were given on what occurs within the Olympic village. Behind the scenes is a extreme party scene filled with debauchery. Reports say that the Olympic village will be stocked with 100,000 condoms during the course of the games. Apparently, the Olympic athletes engage in copious amounts of sex. According to world-record-holding, American swimmer Ryan Lochte, about 70-75% of Olympians engage in what I am terming, somewhat tongue in cheek, “the sex Olympics”.

Honestly, I find this disheartening. When watching the Olympics we get an image of…

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