A wonderful friend has penned a perfectly accurate description of how most of us feel each and every day! It is so beautiful I felt it deserved to be shared. Hope you enjoy!

Post-Its and Sharpies

She looked in the mirror.

Not a passing glance, or a quick thought as to her appearance…. but she really looked.  Her eyes filled with tears as she touched one of the scars with her fingertip.  She quickly recalled where that ugly scar came from: jealousy.  Oh no, the memory of that pain welled up, causing more tears to splash on her hand.  She glanced down noting the ugly bruise that discontentment caused her yesterday.  Then, of course, there was the horrendously big scar that ran across her forehead — she remembered how pride left her with that one.  She began to weep.  How could she ever greet her love this morning looking like this?

He was amazing.  His compassionate and patient ways never ceased to leave her in wonder and amazement.  The tender, never-ending love that she was so grateful for… but knew that she was completely…

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