I would be so appreciative if you would share this post on your blogs, twitter, facebook, anywhere!! This is a very important project to me and I desperately want it to be successful for these young mothers! Your help in any and every way is greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU!!!

You can donate very easily by following this link to fundrazr!!

Hi folks! I am a volunteer with the East Texas Pregnancy Help Center and many of you know just how much I love it! This is an awesome ministry, helping so many young women, as well as young men, in making critical decisions about their lives. Yes, one of our goals is to save lives, which we do by educating young pregnant women about their options and everything involved in any of their options. We believe that many times decisions are made with either no information, or false information. That is why we educate on the TRUE FACTS of abortion, adoption, and parenting. We do NOT offer, nor refer for abortion services. We simply tell them straight, honest, truth about procedures, risks, and effects- immediate and long term, of any decision they make. It is because of this, and our strong faith in God, that this ministry has been so successful in the short time it has been in place! Because we share the love of God with everyone who comes through our doors, they are blessed! WE are blessed! God blesses us each and every day by allowing us to continue in this ministry!

Yes, we have some very difficult days or cases, but in all things we trust God. We listen to our Father, and we follow His guidance. Prayer is a MAJOR part of our ministry, either through our constant prayers, or the prayers of those warriors we have praying for us and the ministry. Without these prayers, we could not do this! Without the wonderful support of so many, this ministry would not work. Thank you to all who support ETPHC in one way or another!

It is for your continued support that I am making this request. Our clients, mostly young women who have found themselves unexpectedly pregnant and frightened about what is to come, make many sacrifices for their unborn children. These young women give up fun evenings out with friends to come to our center for educational classes and Bible studies! They come to the center for parenting classes, life skill classes, labor and delivery class, cooking, financial management and other classes, as well as Bible study. Currently we have “Sheparding a Child’s Heart” going on and the participants are enthusiastically participating!

We are seeing lives changed! These young people are seeing the true love of God through the staff and volunteers of ETPHC, which often, sadly, they have not seen even from their home churches! It is this that is turning these young people BACK toward God! Many have felt that their church, pastors, family, friends, etc., have turned their backs on them or scorned them because of a mistake that they made. But then, by the wonderful grace of God, they come through our doors! From the very first contact they make with ETPHC they feel the love of God. Why? Because everyone who works with this ministry has been directly affected in a very personal manner by some aspect of an unplanned pregnancy. Maybe it is personally, maybe it is a family member, or maybe it is a friend who had an unplanned pregnancy. Everyone there has a story to share. God has called each member of this ministry in a special way, either to share their story, to help someone in a situation similar to what they have been through, or just to support those in difficult situations.

We have many supporters who do not directly work at the center, but their support is just as important! Without them, this ministry would not succeed. These supporters consist of prayer warriors, financial donors, donors of baby items, and those who donate in different ways and with different projects. Our prayer warriors are some of the most powerful prayer warriors I have ever seen!!

It is more of these ‘extra curricular’ supporters that I am seeking just now.

I have been given the privilege of hosting a class this summer for our young mothers. This class is one in which they will create a very special memory album, or scrapbook, of their new baby! Most of these new mothers have very limited resources and a class like this is a luxury to them! But, they deserve this very special treat! Donations received or promised thus far have not even begun to scratch the surface of the need. So, please, continue to read about this class. Help if you can. Definitely pray for us, our clients, this class, and our center.

Please, please, please…..prayerfully consider this.

You can donate very easily by following this link to fundrazr!!

Hey folks! I have an awesome opportunity for you to be a tremendous blessing to a new mother! The East Texas Pregnancy Help Center will be hosting a class this summer for new mothers to create a scrapbook of their new babies. You can help by sponsoring one or more mothers. For just $50 your sponsorship will provide all the necessary supplies for a mother to create a beautiful album filled with decorated pages and photos of her baby. Won’t you share the love of Jesus with these young ladies and help make this class a success? Here is the info:

WHAT:     Scrapbooking Class for East Texas Pregnancy Help Center Clients

WHEN:    June 12-July 26, 2012

WHY:       Mothers who have limited resources deserve the opportunity to showcase their memories. The clients of ETPHC work very hard to earn points to obtain necessities for their new babies. I would like to provide them with something fun to do, that costs them nothing. This will also be a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them in such a way that they are not being pressured to make a decision right at that moment. I believe that if someone sees and feels the love of Jesus Christ through something as simple as the gift of a memory album in which they are also taught how to create such an album on a shoestring budget, they will see that Jesus, nor His followers, is not something or someone to be frightened of, or resistant to. When presented in a loving, non-judgmental manner, the Good News of Jesus Christ is much more readily accepted!

You can help me to share Christ and His love with these young mothers by helping with the expense of supplies. This initial class will be offered for 10-15 participants at an estimated cost of $50-$75 per person, for a total cost of $500+. I realize that sounds expensive, but the cost includes an album and all supplies to complete a minimum of 20 pages in that album. Also, if donations exceed total cost of materials for this class, anything extra will be donated directly to ETPHC for other programs.


You can donate very easily by following this link to fundrazr!!

If you, or someone you know, would like to assist with the cost of this class, please contact myself, Judy Hall @ 409-382-2775 – – Facebook @ scrappinmama2533; OR you can contact East Texas Pregnancy Help Center @ 409-381-8600.

Donation of scrapbook items or supplies can be either dropped off at ETPHC Mon-Thurs, between 9-4, or if you choose to mail them, you may send them to me at:

Judy Hall, 2533 County Road 101, Jasper, TX 75951; OR, you may send them directly to ETPHC @ 157 Milam St., Jasper, TX 75951

If you cannot assist with the cost of the class, please keep myself and the clients and staff of ETPHC in your prayers.

Thank you so much for considering this request!

You can donate very easily by following this link to fundrazr!!


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