There are so many things going on in my life right now, thank you Jesus! So many different aspects that can go so many different ways. The only way I can get through these next few months is to totally trust in God! I know He has everything under control. I know He has a plan for how everything is going to work out. I don’t have to understand it. I just have to have faith that what God is doing is what is best for me and my family.

Some happenings of the past 15 months are about to come to a boiling point. Either things will boil over and go downhill very fast, which will make my and my husbands lives very difficult for another 12-24 months, OR things will finally start to get back to normal as the fire gets turned down. I am praying for normalcy finally!

I always thought that I wanted things to go a certain way and if they didn’t go that way then people just didn’t know what they were missing out on. But, I have found that people appreciate a good, honest person no matter what. When you go through a difficult time, as we have recently, you find out who truly cares about you.

We have had more phone calls, messages, hugs, offers and promises of prayer, handshakes, smiles, and encouraging words over these past many months than we have had our entire lives! I cannot even begin to thank everyone for their continued support. Simple words just cannot express my gratitude.

Mostly though, I thank my wonderful, awesome, almighty and sovereign God for getting us through this rough time, and for teaching us the things that we have learned over the past year. God has shown us where we need to be, changes we need to make in our thinking, and how to prioritize things in our lives.  In all things, HE is first!!

No matter what path we take, we must always ask God to lead the way. If we have to take a detour, we have to realize that God has already take that detour and He knows where it is going to lead us! We just have to trust Him. If we have an opportunity to leap off a cliff, we must ask God is this is His will for us, and then listen very carefully for His response. If He says jump, then we must jump! If He says turn around, then we must turn around. If He says wait just a little while, then we must wait! In all things, we must seek His guidance and wisdom.

We pray for peace, comfort, understanding, when what we really want is control over a situation. We want things to go the way we think they should go, whether it is the right or wrong way, whether it is what is best for us or not. We can’t see the actual end result of what we want. We only see what we THINK the end result will be. God KNOWS what the end result will be whether we choose option a, option b, option c, or all of the above! And even better, He knows what we are going to choose so He is already there!

We harm ourselves and those we love more by trying to do things ourselves, by trying to prove that we are strong, or smart, or the best for the job, or the best choice for the task. When we do that, we fail to allow God to show others that we are strong, or smart, or the best choice! God wants to be the one that shows people just how wonderful we can be, by allowing God to shine through us! When we allow His glory to shine through us, we are unstoppable!

All things work together for good to those who love God!” “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Why don’t we listen more closely to these words? Why don’t we live our lives as if we TRULY believe these words? We always question if this is what we should do, is this what God wants me to do? Simple way to find out the answer is to read His word!! He has given us this instruction book for life, yet we ignore it! Sure, we read a little from time to time, or we might even take it to church with us and open it while the preacher is talking, but how often do you truly read and STUDY God’s word? How often do you truly apply the lessons He gives us to your own life? That’s not often enough! We should be living each moment of each day to accomplish one simple task….to honor and glorify God! If everything we do is to bring Him honor and glory, we cannot fail.

Go out and do something today that brings honor and glory to God. Leave no doubt to others as to whether you love God or not. Share the peace you have in your heart and show someone how they too can have that peace! Pray without ceasing!!!


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