Still plugging along!

I meant to post this two days ago, but just never got to it! I am now on day 9 of my Daniel Fast. My goal is to make it for the entire 21 days, and I do believe with the Lord’s help, I will make it.

I have lost 3 pounds! But more importantly, I have been spending much more time in God’s word!! I am actually doing more for my Lord than I was. I have had a lot of realizations over the past week.

First realization; I can’t go an entire week without coffee. I finally had to break down and make some on Friday morning, but I made half-caf, and I only had one cup. Started a second one but it got cold before I could drink much at all, so I just tossed it out! Took care of the horrible headache I had. I can tell it is getting time for another cup soon. Since it is pretty chilly here today, and I have plenty to do should it keep me awake, I may go ahead and make me some!

Second realization; I am not going to learn everything there is to learn in the Bible. I am learning much more than I ever have, but even if I have a marathon study session and spend a couple of weeks of doing absolutely nothing but Bible study, I won’t know it all. And, I am okay with that!!

Third realization; I don’t think God expects me to know everything there is to know about Him or what is in His word! I do think He expects me to try to learn as much as possible, and to continue that learning process as long as I continue to live on this earth, but I don’t think He is going to condemn me because I haven’t learned all the stories there are in there!!

Fourth realization; There are A LOT of things, very interesting things, in the Bible!! I don’t mean to sound like I have never read the Bible before. I have, in bits and pieces, sporadically. But now, I am just so HUNGRY to learn more!! I crave hearing the Holy Spirit speak to me through the word. I desire to be able to memorize some passages that I can share with others when the time is right.

I am happy about the weight loss, but I am elated about the way God is working with me and on me right now!! I know He has great things planned for me and I believe He is grooming me for whatever those may be right now! So I say, groom me Lord! Show me what you would have me to do. Lord, lead the way and I will follow. Whatever you ask of me Lord, I will give it 100%.

I am so grateful to God for the way He is working with me, but also for the way He is helping me with this fast. If it weren’t for God, there have been several times when I would have already been off this fast. I’m not going to kid you, it’s tough!! But, I can already see the benefits of it and everyday I feel a little closer to my Father in heaven, which makes me want to just continue on with this fast, no matter what! So, thank you Lord, for all you are doing with me and for me!

Father, I beg your forgiveness for the times I have disappointed you by words I have said, or something I have done, or something I have left undone that you wanted done. I ask you to forgive me Father for any time that I may have caused anyone pain or discomfort in any way. Lord, I ask you now, please show me if there are other areas that I need to ask forgiveness for. Father, I forgive those who have hurt me in the past, in any number of ways. Whether the hurt inflicted by them was intentional or not, only you know that, but I wish to forgive them. I ask you now Lord for your continued blessings on me as I continue this fast and beyond. Lord, I know that I receive not because I ask not, so at this time I am asking you for guidance in figuring out what to do about our housing situation. While we have a roof over our heads, and it is paid for, there are so many repairs that it needs. Father, do we go ahead with repairs and make plans to add on to this house, or do we look for another, safer home? I ask for your protection of my home and anyone who may cross my threshold, bless them with safety, love, and please supply their needs. I thank you Father for keeping us safe and giving us this home we have now, and Lord if it is your desire that we stay in this one, I know you will provide for us a way to make the needed repairs and improvements. I thank you Father for staying so close to me through this fast. In all of the difficult times, I know all I have to do is call out your name and you are with me, giving me strength and comfort. Thank you so much for that Father. Lord, I love you so very much! Again, I thank you for the many blessings you have given me. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


2 thoughts on “Still plugging along!

  1. I commend you on your progress!
    About 40 years ago I was introduced to caffeine free and went six months without caffeine. I did not do well! I need my coffee daily – fully leaded and black.
    Continue down your chosen path, with Jesus walking beside you. I know you will complete your 21 days of your fast. I constantly learn more and more from the bible, and I have been reading it for over 60 years. God shows me something new everyday.

    God bless you and your family!



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