Day 6 — Not the best day

Well, today has not been a good day. I have been grouchy, seems like I can’t find anything appealing to eat, seems like everything is getting on my nerves today for some reason. I must be getting rid of some big-time toxins! This is starting to get pretty tough.
I know I just need to put a little more thought into what I am eating and what I am allowed, and come up with some recipes. I have some vegetable soup I made with no animal products whatsoever in it, which is really good with some whole wheat pasta mixed in. But, a person can only handle so much pasta.
I’ll make it over this hurdle with God’s help. I know that is part of the problem also. I have wasted the majority of the day today, haven’t spent time in the word like I need to.
So, I believe I will be off here to do just that.
I need to talk to my Father, and spend some time in His book. I ask you for your prayers as I climb over this hurdle, and prayerfully, I will be giving a much better report tomorrow!


One thought on “Day 6 — Not the best day

  1. My Grandfather once told me – ” Even after the rough and depressing times, we still have a lot to be thankful for.” You started out with a bang and feel like you are running out of steam, but don’t let that get you down, for He is right there beside you step by step.

    Now, take time to thank Him for His help and support. Let Him lift your spirits and give you a hunger for His word.

    Almighty and holy God, I want to honor Jesus’ sacrificial death by living a life that is pure, honorable, and holy. Thank you for providing my cleansing through Jesus’ blood and leading me to others who live for you. Please intensify my hunger to know you, your Son, and other believers more. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.



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