Day 5 — Still doing okay!

I am slowly coming up on the close of the fifth day of my Daniel Fast. So far, everything has gone pretty well. I did have to have a cup of coffee this morning though, but I mixed half decaf with half regular. I’ll probably do the same tomorrow and then decrease the regular, until I have all decaf. Then, I should be able to do without it completely.
As for my food, it hasn’t been bad at all, but then I do enjoy my veggies. Good fruit is kind of hard to find this time of year, but I have enjoyed several good salads, some interesting recipes with whole wheat pasta, and a peanut butter ‘snack’, (peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat pre-made pizza crust!) You can’t find whole wheat tortillas with no sugar in them!! This pizza crust has no sugar. Wasn’t too bad, but not as good of a peanut butter sandwich as I would have liked.
Tonight I had some vegetable soup I had made and frozen the other day, with whole wheat pasta instead of crackers. That pasta is pretty filling, which is a very good thing! But as I thought about what I have eaten today, I had some cantaloupe for breakfast, a banana later, a few snack bites of cauliflower or carrots here and there, and that was it!! But I have not felt hungry today at all! God is really helping me through this!
The best part though, is the time I have spent in reading God’s word, studying, and praying. Who would ever think that when you take junk food out of your daily eating, you would have more time for Bible study and prayer!!
I don’t really think it is so much that I have more time, but I have a better focus and realization of the fact that I NEED to spend time in His word. More importantly, I WANT to spend more time in study and prayer! I can only thank the Lord for that desire!
I had the best day yesterday! It was my first day of volunteering at our local Crisis Pregnancy Center, and it was AMAZING! I experienced such a variety of emotions yesterday, but I left there yesterday afternoon feeling SO blessed!! I have already made a couple of absolutely wonderful friends in fellow volunteers, as well as the staff at the center. The entire place is filled with so much love and such a strong presence of the Holy Spirit, it is just breath-taking! The love for the clients, the love for each other, but most importantly is the love for Jesus that is so strong! It is contagious!
I am only scheduled to volunteer 4 hours per week, but I kind of suspect I will be going there more than that, just because I loved it that much! To be among so many FIRM believers is so encouraging!
As we prayed together and shared our testimonies, we really spent time getting to know each other. No one was there with a secret agenda or to make you feel uncomfortable or out of place. EVERYONE there, and I do mean everyone, just makes you feel like you are a part of the family!
I have no doubt that this ministry is going to do some amazing things, see amazing things, and it is all because of one person’s determination to be obedient to God and what He was calling her to do. Talk about inspiring!! Alisha is just that.
Of course, Joani, Dusty, and Debbie, as well as Margo and Stacy, are all incredible to work with as well. I can’t wait to get back up there and do more and have God use me for HIS purpose, and for HIS glory! To say I am excited about this is such an understatement!
Bottom line for tonight, I have found something I have been searching for, a place where I can help others, but I am being helped and blessed at the same time!
Keep your eyes open around here because I have recognized a need at the center and I am hopefully going to figure out a way that anyone reading this can help fill this need. We need Bibles to give to these clients, but the ones we want to be able to give them are specific to the primary reason for the center, crisis or unexpected pregnancies. As soon as I can get it figured out, I hope to have something set up where you, or anyone else, can purchase one or more of these Bibles and have them sent directly to the center. So, please keep your eyes open and watch for the announcement when I figure out how to set that up! And then, please, please, pray about it, and donate what you can. Help us to give these clients the most important tool they could possibly ever use as they begin the journey through this chapter of their lives, the Word of God!
I can only say thank you Lord for allowing me the priviledge of participating in this ministry, and it is definitely a priviledge, believe me! I thank you Lord for leading me to this ministry and helping me to see that I CAN be of some benefit to someone, that I can minister to others and I can speak freely and openly about you. You have removed emotional and physical barriers for me Father, and for that I am so grateful! I ask you, Father, to please forgive me of anything I may have done, said, or thought, that was displeasing to you. And please, Father, show me where I have failed you so that I may correct it and avoid repeating the same mistake. Father, please give me the right words at the right time to say, show me what to do that will have the greatest impact. Help me to know and to recognize your signals and your voice. Help me to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide me at all times. Thank you Lord for Jesus, who gave his life, so that I might live through all eternity with you in heaven. I thank you Father for never giving up on me, even though I was hard-headed and tried my best to stay away from you. You never gave up on me. You never turned your back on me. You kept tapping on the door to my heart until I realized the need to open that door, and Father, I am so thankful that you were still there when I did open that door! Thank you for the wonderful gift of salvation You have given me through your son, Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed, for me, so that I could be saved. Lord, I love you so much and simple words just aren’t enough. I thank you for each and every opportunity you give me to share your love, because every time I share your love with someone, it comes back to me so many times more! Thank you Father, for every wonderful blessing you have given me, and there are many. Thank you for giving me so much more than I deserve! Father, I ask you now for your guidance in what area I need to study or work on. Help me to figure out about starting a Bible study, and if it is your will that I do so, please help me to work out any details. Father, I pray that you continue to lead and guide me through this life, in the way that you would have me to go, the way that will give you the most honor and glory! I praise you Father for everything I experienced yesterday! I praise you for everything that you allowed me to accomplish today, and I praise you for just being the loving God that you are. All of these things I pray in the precious name of your son, Jesus, whom I love so very much! Amen


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