Super excited!!!!

Well, it’s day 3 of my fast and it is still going well. I am very pleased that I haven’t felt hungry or tired or sluggish or anything like that! I am also so happy to have created a recipe last night that actually seemed like a real meal rather than just snacking on veggies and fruits or nuts!
I prepared some whole wheat penne pasta, steamed some broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms; heated some tomato sauce with basil and garlic, then mixed it all together! It was really good!! Only way I can think of that it might have been better is to have had more sauce. I only used one small can with a large amount of veggies and pasta. But it sure tasted good!! And was very filling! Turned out, I had enough made for at least three meals!!
I was kind of disheartened though when I stepped on the scales, (using the Wii), and it said I had GAINED 2.9 pounds!!! YUCK!! My home scales showed me to be 9 pounds lighter today than I was last evening! So, I don’t know. I know it is really too soon to tell anything about the weight loss.
But, I have really felt closer to the Lord, spending more time in prayer and in His word makes a HUGE difference!! And, it seems that no matter what I am doing, He is on my mind! I’m listening for His voice because I know He has something to say to me, something for me to do or something like that. So, I am just waiting, trusting, and listening.
Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day! I begin my volunteer work tomorrow and I am so excited about that!! I pray that I am given the opportunity to make a positive impact on someones life, and that I get the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with many! I have several things to do to be ready.
For one, I am going to print myself out some plan of salvation notes to put in my tiny, purse-sized Bible! I also want to have a small list of some encouraging scriptures that I can quickly turn to if needed. Whether it’s me that needs it, or someone I am working with, or who knows? I want to be ready with God’s word. I am trusting the Lord to be with me and help me in any situation to have the words to say, and the wisdom to know when to say something, and when to just close my mouth and listen.
I have to remember that I can’t “fix” everything for everyone. Only God can do that, if it is His will. It is my job to encourage someone to trust that God is doing what is best for them and that they just have to trust in Him. I know that can be difficult, sometimes downright feel impossible, but that is the way! Trust in Jesus!
I also hope that I am able to squeeze my “wide-load” into my clothes tomorrow without being miserable!! Hopefully, I have lost a couple of pounds so that my jeans won’t be so constricting!!
I did get myself some exercise today, though it wasn’t walking, it was still more than what I have been doing! I played some games on the Wii! No, I did not sit down to play, I stood and really got into them. I played some tennis, table tennis, and bowling!! I think I will get back to it after I fold these clothes and play some other games. Every little bit helps!
Please include me in your prayers as I continue on this fast, and as I begin my volunteer work! I know I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. Also, if you would pray for my husband as well, as he has gotten himself back on his low carb, diabetic diet. I pray that this time next year, we are both significantly smaller and much healthier with so much energy to burn!! I want to be strong and full of energy so that I can be the kind of representative for Jesus that He needs/wants me to be.
Have a great evening everyone and God Bless You!


One thought on “Super excited!!!!

  1. Positive news is always a good thing! Isn’t it wonderful to have God walking beside you as you travel your daily path? Never fear, He will give you the words to say.

    I remember hearing that you should not weigh yourself everyday – once a week is better.

    Our prayers are with you and Gerald as you continue towards your goals.


    Edwin Christian

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