Preparing for my first Fast!

I have been seeking a program that would include Bible study with lessons on eating right, exercise, working on the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of health. I do NOT want to say I am going on a diet.

Diet is such an angry sounding word. DIE-IT! That’s what it sounds like! I don’t want to do that. I want to make lifestyle changes and get healthy. Now, for me to get healthy I do have a large amount of weight to lose and maybe at some point along the way, I may give you my starting weight, maybe once I reach my goal. I will post a photo a little later down the line as well, maybe…..

I know that once I get started with healthy eating habits, and daily exercise, daily quiet time with God, and most importantly time spent in prayer, I will begin to feel like a new person very quickly! I know it’s not all going to be easy. Giving up something you love never is, but I have no doubt that it will be worth it. Even if I don’t lose a pound, if all I do is get closer to my Lord and learn to spend more time with Him daily in prayer and quiet time, it will be worth it.

So, Monday, January 2, 2012, I am kicking things off with a 21 day Daniel Fast. Basically what that means is that I will eat only fruits and vegetables, nothing that comes from an animal of any sort, so I will give soy milk an attempt! YIKES!! God will help me.  And there are certain whole grains that I can have. The only beverage allowed is filtered water!! NO COFFEE!!! That is going to be the toughest part!! But, with God’s help, I will make it, and I will finish this first 21 days a much stronger person, much closer to God, and much more ready for what He has in store for me!


4 thoughts on “Preparing for my first Fast!

  1. I spend the first hour of my day in “quiet” time with God and have been blessed by it.
    I don’t have a need to lose weight, but I do know soy milk tastes good because Ann loves to buy the soy chocolate drink all the time. I tried to give up coffee earlier in my life, but found I was healthier drinking it. There is something about the caffeine that helps my prostrate and keeps me flowing. But that is a male thing.
    Judy, I don’t know a whole lot about you, but I do know you are a good Christian woman who loves God, her family and her church. I know this “fast” you are about to start will be a blessing to you and know God will be with you through out. I will be one of your friends that will be praying with you to help you reach your goal.
    Have a blessed day!


    • Ed, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I hope I can be obedient and dedicated enought to do a daily post of my progress, my ups and downs. I believe if I do, the support I get from people like you will help me even more.
      After writing my post last night, I was thinking of beginning my fast and then going into a healthy eating program, adding in some of the things I am not allowed during my fast, when it dawned on me…Next year is my 30 year high school reunion, and my 30th wedding anniversary! My husband turns 50 next year and I want to look and feel good for all those occasions.
      The first will be my reunion. I don’t know when we will be doing it, but my plan is to arrive there looking better and feeling better than I have in YEARS!!
      Again, I thank you so much for your encouragement! As always, prayers are much appreciated!!!
      God bless you!!

    • I completely understand and I am so glad to have you on board!! If you ever have any questions about anything I write, please don’t hesitate to ask. I try to write only abou things that I feel God has laid on my heart to share at that time, but I do, sometimes tend to chase a few rabbits around before getting back to my regularly scheduled programming!! LOL
      Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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