Standing up for my beliefs

In recent days/weeks, a controversy has been brewing in a small town  just north of where I live, in the town I grew up in. It seems that a women’s civic group decorated the courthouse lawn and as part of the decorations, they included a nativity scene. This is not something new. They have done this for years! But, now it is a problem, at least according to a group calling themselves “Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

The people of this foundation have stated that they feel it is unconstitutional for the nativity scene to be there. They have no problem with the Santa or snowman however.

This is just one of many stories online about this. Simply google Henderson County Nativity Scene and I am sure you will come up with several others.

I am looking for a little guidance here. There is going to be a rally/vigil/prayer chain, any number of things to call it, it’s a gathering of Christians who want to fight to have the nativity scene remain. I plan to attend. Where I need my guidance is in some of the things that these people are saying and how I should respond. I am a “young Christian”, not by years of age, but by my knowledge of the Bible. I know the basics of what we are told, but when someone says to me that my christianity encourages murder of innocent women and children, where does that come from? Or, they say that women are not supposed to pray out loud, actually they say no one is supposed to pray out loud and they refer to Matthew 6: 5-6 as the referrence for this. But women are not allowed to pray outloud? I’ve never heard that and if it says so in the Bible, someone please direct me there.

I guess I am asking for some encouragement and words of wisdom for when, or if, I am directly confronted by any of these people. I know I need to do a lot of studying!! And believe me, I am!!

I also ask that each of you please be in prayer for this community as they stand up for their beliefs. As one of the pastors said, “It is time we stand up for what we believe and stop letting them run all over us.”

Thank you, and God bless you all!!



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