Getting ready for First Place 4 Health to start!!! Please pray for me and those who get involved!!

I honestly can not wait until we get to start this program at Peachtree!! I have spoken to so many women that are interested and that just boosts my excitement even more!! I have a lot of baggage to lose, physically, mentally, emotionally, and probably even some spiritually. That is why I am SO impressed with this program. It covers all the bases!! It encourages bodily shrinkage, but growth of your mind, heart, and spirit!! “Study to show thyself worthy”, believe me, we will be studying!!! But I have no doubt that, especially people like me, will benefit from this tremendously!! Still concerned about the cost, but putting that in God‘s hands. He will provide for me, and those participating in the program. I truly despise not being able to get into any of my clothes that I didn’t have a problem with just two months ago!! I am at the point that I don’t care what the medication was doing for me, if it is going to cause that amount of weight gain in that short time span, I’m getting off that!! I plan to try taking the girls walking tomorrow. We will see how they do on their leashes. I’ll probably burn more wrestling with them than anything!! Oh well, a calorie burned is a calorie burned!! RIght? I really want to lose down enough to be at a healthy weight for my height, and to get there, I probably have about 75+ pounds to lose. I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but that is another thing that I think is so incredible about this program, all the Bible study materials that are available!!! I truly believe we could switch to a different Bible study book every 12 weeks and never use the same book for probably 3-4 YEARS!!! And that’s not counting the 6 week study at Christmas and the 6 week summer study!! I just really pray that women will respond and make the committment to participate! Please pray with me, as I try to get this off the ground in the next couple of months. Please pray that I am prepared and that I follow the Holy Spirit in all I do and say Please pray for all of those participating in the program, whether coming to class every week, or doing it at their own pace from home, just pray for understanding, clarity, and peace.  I believe that if we are able to be at peace with  what we are doing, making our bodies a healthy temple for our Lord Jesus Christ to dwell in, we will do just fine. We may not lose but a pound a month or so, though I hope for better results than that, but, even if we lose no weight, if something I say, or someone else says or does, helps to show someone else the love of God and help to lead them to salvation, it will all be worth  it!!

Thank you dear Lord, for giving me this opportunity to lead this group of First Place participants. Lord I pray for a good response from Peachtree, but also from other churches around the area, even reaching some of those who don’t have a church home. I pray that there be one thing I do or say, each and every day, that brings someone a little closer to the Lord. I pray Lord, that only love comes from me. I pray that you help me to control my tongue and my temper, and let me just be able to hold on until I can get alone with you and cry my eyes out over something that has hurt me in some way. Lord I ask your forgiveness for anything that I may have said or done today that did not bring you honor and glory. I ask for forgiveness of missed opportunities to talk to someone about you, and share the message of love and salvation through Jesus with someone. I ask you Lord, to please continue to give me those opportunities and give me the wisdom and strength to follow through with each moment. I thank you Father for the forgiveness of my sins and shortcomings that you so freely give. I thank you for my family Father. You have truly blessed me with 4 wonderful kids who have challenged me many times, and continue to do so. But I thank you for those challenges, because through them, I learn to trust in you and lean on you even more. I thank you Father for the 8 beautiful grandchildren you have given me, each with their own special place in my heart. I pray your blessings and protection upon them all. I pray all of this in Jesus’ most precious and holy name, AMEN


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