First Place materials ordered!!!

Yes! I am actually doing this, and it feels so right! I have prayed and asked God for guidance with this because I know I can attempt any Bible study I want to, but if I don’t let God lead me in it, I set myself, and others participating for failure! I most definitely do not want to do that!! I am so excited to get these books I have ordered and start reviewing them and to see exactly where to begin with this program. I am happy that God has given me about 6 weeks of preparation time! He knows I need it!!

I really, truly hope that I have several people choose to get involved with this. This program is not just for those who want to lose weight, although it will help with that. This program includes all aspects of your health, your physical health, mental health, emotional health, and (I think) most importantly, your spiritual health. That is what I love so much about this program. It is going to show us all how to incorporate our spiritual self and study with the healthy eating and exercise skills we learn. We will be learning about our emotional health, and once again, God knows exactly what I need!

That is one reason I truly believe this program will be successful for Peachtree. Although I will be leading the group, or the “teacher” (though I don’t want to think of it that way), I will be learning right along side with all the participants! I have no doubt they will all teach me as much or probably  even more than I can teach them!!

I especially look forward to the discipline this is going to teach me, which is another reason I believe God is letting me get ready for this so much ahead of time. I have to get myself disciplined, at least a little, so that I can set a good example for my co-participants!

Please pray for me as I dive into this project that I truly feel God is leading me to do. Also, please include in your prayers anyone who decides to participate! Pray that they may get out of this program, exactly what they need. Another prayer request is going to be to please pray that people make the choice to get involved in this program and really participate, and that I will have so many participating that I will need help with leaders!! I would much rather have a HUGE crowd of people ready to participate, than only one or two. But, whatever the number of people God sends my way, I am going to do my very best to help them learn the tools that they need to get themselves healthy in all aspects of their lives.

I am going to wait until I get my materials in and have a chance to look over them just a bit before talking to my pastor about it again. I have already mentioned it to him and he indicated that he thought it was a great idea!! So, I just want to be ready with some specifics when I meet with him again about this.

Dear God in Heaven, Father I can’t thank you enough for what you are doing in my life! You are leading me down a path that I very much need to go down and I am so grateful that you are walking that path right beside me. I pray Lord, that people will listen and hear you calling them to participate in this group! I also pray that you will bless each and every person who participates, even if their participation is limited to prayer. I continue to seek your guidance Lord, with this, and any other project you have for me to do. Father, I want to follow in the footsteps you have laid down for me, and I ask that, should I slip off one of those stepping stones, you please pull me back on, and help me to get back on track. Father, I thank you so much for leading me to this program, and what it has the potential of doing for myself as well as anyone who participates. I ask you Father to lay upon the hearts of any person, male or female, young or not so young, to participate in this little group, because I know Father, that each and every one of us could use some instruction regarding at least one aspect of our health.  I am specifically not calling this a weight loss program because I know the use of that term can close the door for some people. That is why I am so thankful to you Father, for showing me how important it is to stress that this is not just another weight loss program, but a total health program. Father, I love you and I thank you for giving me this opportunity. I thank you for all the blessings you give me each and every day that I take for granted and I pray that I stop taking things for granted and instead see the beauty of the gift you are giving me. I ask you now Father to forgive me where I have failed you or disappointed you. Forgive me where I have sinned, whether through gossip, aggravation, my attitude, or whatever else there may be. I thank you for the forgiveness you have given me and I especially thank you for your son, Jesus, my savior, forever!! Father, I pray now that you go with me as I lie down to get some rest and I ask you for some good, restful sleep so that I might wake refreshed and ready to get on with things I need to get done. I also want to thank you Father for what you have already done with my physical health. I know doctors and medications have been involved, but none of it would even begin to be the least bit successful, if it were not for you! Thank you!  Father, I also ask that you please touch Gerald and heal his body, help him to get over whatever this is that has him so sick. There are so many prayer requests that I have been made aware of lately and Father you know what they are and what the needs are, so I lay these requests at your feet and I ask that you just touch all of those involved, give them comfort and peace, and whatever else they may need. Again, I thank you Father for the love that you have given me. I love you Lord, and I pray these things in Jesus precious name, Amen


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